Shopping For Guys With Guys

Ever come to the realization that you need to take your man out shopping to stop him from looking like someone out of a sci-fie movie? Quite a few girlfriends go through the same dilemma and thus, here we have compiled a list of a few things you can do to help him get through a day shopping with you and a complete wardrobe makeover.

Be Respectful

True, their choice in clothing is utter crap. However, they did choose you to be their girlfriend, so their sense of judgement can’t be all bad. Therefore, be respectful of this choices and let him down easy if it cannot be entertained at any cost. Find out colors that he likes, textures and brands and go on from there rather than giving him a whole new set which he would resent. Allow him a little slack in picking out the accessories such as cool automatic watches for men, which have a limited collection and cannot do much damage.

Make a Shopping List

There is a very low chance that he would require everything from A to Z, thus, before going shopping, clean out his wardrobe and find out what he needs and make a list based on priority. You can do the same for his apartment and if the budget allows, find out the missing holes in his apartment, such as an automatic vacuum cleaner or a broom which has thus far prevented him from cleaning out his week old takeout.

Limit the Stores

Select stores in which he can be let loose and still be guaranteed not to come out looking like a clown. Rather than going to the large stores which offer everything, pick out a few select stores which cater to your needs. This will also help reduce the levels of frustration in picking out the wrong clothing items and being told no.

Give him Attention

Remember, you are shopping for him and not for yourself. Thus, do not get carried away when you see things in stores for yourself, rather give him your full attention. Even if he doesn’t like the shopping aspect, he will love the attention he is getting and is more likely to want to do it again in the future.

To Compromise

A single day of shopping cannot change the way he dresses completely like in the movies, but it is a start. Thus, at the store, do not force something on him if he does not like it, rather, help him pick out the ones you like, especially if he is on the fence about a certain item.